When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen?

Pen.  I like having a record of what words didn’t make my final cut…ALWAYS.

Would you rather be an amazing dancer or an amazing singer?

Would being an amazing singer completely replace my current dancing abilities?  Because if not, then I choose singing.  I’m happy with my subpar dancing.  In fact, I hear very few complaints from my neighbors or fellow drivers, and I GET DOWN.  My singing is horrific…and yet, I also love to sing!  If you are lucky enough to get a loud and obnoxious serenade from me, you can rest assured that I’m comfortable around you.  It’s at that point when you consider yourself very lucky!

If you were on a debate team, what subject would you relish debating?

I love to argue, so give me any subject and I will likely research like a mad woman to dominate.  That being said, I worked on a presentation in college about genetically
modified (GM) foods and still find it to be a hot topic for debate!

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What are you a “natural” at doing?

Making jokes when I’m uncomfortable.  Also, avoiding questions I don’t have sincere answers for…


Optional Bonus question:
 What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

This past weekend was beautiful, so I am grateful I got outside with Basel.  We checked dog, puppy, cuteout a nearby forest preserve, and I performed a warm-up 10K to gauge my current race pace, I am soooo ready (and I bet y’all are ready to stop hearing about my readiness!)

Should I even say what I am looking forward to for next week?  Probably not but….my first 10K!  Coincidentally, I am also looking forward to my first trip to the Morton Arboretum.  There are always so many events there for couples, but I found a loophole, I’ll just run around the d*mn thing! 😛