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October 2016

Share Your World – Wk 44!

What was your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject was always math.  I loved knowing without a doubt I was right (no matter how infrequently it happened in geometry).  In other classes, I would have to interpret this and... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Rearrange

I look up, I do this often - to imagine what the view must be like to those creatures looking down.  Are they happy where they are?  Would they too prefer the scene from afar? Perspective is a powerful tool,... Continue Reading →

Security Blankets, on Learning Mine

My work allows me to keep to myself most days.  I can work undisturbed for hours in the lab, nodding along to my music all the while.  But on those rare days where a company meeting requires my attendance, I... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Looming Musing

Complacent with its rhythm, though not accustomed to the feeling That one could inspire and maintain such a hopeful beating Warned by shadows past, 'tis but a dream that cannot last For while the faces change, those deep wounds naturally remain So hold... Continue Reading →

Close Your Eyes, wait no, Read this First…

Day 2, writer's block, am I right?! Basel and I started our day with a brisk walk around the neighborhood.  This in itself is rather unremarkable although this dog is one of the major highlights of any day I'm having.  No, the meat... Continue Reading →

Driving out the Noise

Sweeping the roads looking to pave my soul Zooming past are those who've claimed their own. But I am in no rush, so I let it flow in like the cold. Then a shock, I am at once whole Throttling deep within these bones.... Continue Reading →

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