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I stole all of the words, but the thoughts are original.



Redirect then Repeat

Camp is complete, but it still needs to strike a match that kindling feeds. Warm turns to burn, am I too close? Perhaps remained some unexposed? Wind swoops in and swallows smoke. Content until shivers take hold. It redirects rushed... Continue Reading →

Share Your World – 5/15/2017

How many languages do you speak? Just one, but I speak that one very very much good!! ūüėõ I took Japanese in high school, and really enjoyed practicing written communication through hiragana, katakana, and kanji characters.¬† Now I could basically... Continue Reading →

Depth of Kindness (Haiku)

  Suddenly rain pooled. Raw¬†mud hugged our shoes closer. We walked on, barefoot.   via Daily Prompt: Hospitality  

Share Your World – 5/8/2017

When you‚Äôre alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot? I usually don my moccasin slippers if my feet are the least bit cold, but other than that, I prefer au natural! What was your favorite... Continue Reading →

Trusting Myself.

I was going to write a poem in response to today's one word prompt, as is custom for my blog, but I felt¬†like "conquer" described¬†all too perfectly¬†my current state to handle¬†it abstractly or leave it to interpretation. ¬†Last week, I... Continue Reading →

GPS Signal Lost.

All endpoints look¬†equal when in the clouds. A ripple breaks the pattern here and there, but minds hardly stray from their path to¬†ground.   One can still enjoy a train ride for fare, most have a place to visit off¬†the... Continue Reading →

Brilliant Collapse

When you think of night, do you see its time? Radiated energy surrounding to¬†sustain and remain for you, gifting another moment¬†to perceive skylines. When I think of¬†stars closest me that shine and their brilliant nature we gaze upon, watching light... Continue Reading →

As Simple as…

Actions blurred by words, a sea of phrases¬†erase the worst cases.   But your ocean of "always" is sinking buoys built to weather wishful thinking.   Confusion leads to a storming out, collapsing whatever this was all about.   Daily... Continue Reading →

Running Around

Lasting¬†energy not from the¬†sip of my mug, but the breeze through me   as I beg my lungs. I gain distance on the clouds, but I lose myself   in the beats I make with the pavement I take on.... Continue Reading →

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