the Periodic Writer

I stole all of the words, but the thoughts are original.


September 2021

Lost Epochs

We’re all a tragic story waiting to be written, assuming someone’s so inspired.

Wishing Well – A Poem

Starry abyss I’ve wished uponbetween the listless, sleepless nights,is burdened beyond mountain heightswith woes that emanate ‘til dawn. In times of need, we may move onto seeking signs through zodiac.The constellations neatly stackedpaint a pattern across the pit(t). Who do... Continue Reading →

Summer End Signs – Haiku

A peach pit wastedunder leaves of naked treesas sweater fuzz flies This post was made possible by Ronovan Writes.

Skinny, Love

No idea what to do with the excess calories I get from all the love you withhold from me.

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