the Periodic Writer

I stole all of the words, but the thoughts are original.



A Sonnet Sparked

There was a moment when candles could burnwithout watch o’er the wax as it would wane.Now we snuff them out as blackouts return,lackluster leaders denying all blame. Bottled sunlight can warm a home or two.With invest, sparks catch and ignite... Continue Reading →

Better – A Poem by Kendall Lynn

A boil builds beneath his rimless frames. The boy is all that's shared within their home. The car is warm, stilling wicked winter. Perhaps, it fades along the drive away. The boy becomes entranced by gates of snow. Inside a queen... Continue Reading →

Happy Thoughts

On my face are the wrinkles of happy, I don't let sorrow stick around anymore. Though we learn from the ones we envy, our lines are defined by the ones we adore. I've made peace in the turning of pages.... Continue Reading →

Brilliant Collapse

When you think of night, do you see its time? Radiated energy surrounding to sustain and remain for you, gifting another moment to perceive skylines. When I think of stars closest me that shine and their brilliant nature we gaze upon, watching light... Continue Reading →

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