the Periodic Writer

I stole all of the words, but the thoughts are original.



A Mother’s Unrest

I hope the numbness lifted quickly, I hate to think you sufferedfor me.I believed in good of everyone,and often denied the evil of some.It’s not your fault my dormant naturesidelined your efforts to nurture. I didn’t see the monster you... Continue Reading →

Shots Fired

I stacked beer cans way too youngto know their effect on you, my designated caretaker, the funniest thing in the roomuntil two shots were firedand sobered the mood.We would mis-reminisce the marks lateras pinhole constellations, we dreamed were painted with... Continue Reading →

Locked up in Love – A Poem

Contort myself to meet you as you are. Because I love your edge, it’s unfortunate nearly 1000 others will always come between us.

Christmas Stars – A Poem

Read us the visit of St. Nick,the myth of the man on this night.With bread and a tasteful wine flight,we can dance over politics.  Pull ornaments from the attic,along the tinseled tangled star.Sing old songs to build a new start,while... Continue Reading →

A Hike to Write About – Poem

Mud kicked and clung to my calvesand your belly in kind.Though I didn't slow down,you never once fell behind.At times we snaked off the path,to avoid sured disaster. Ice had already started melting,so we dared not go faster.Then the wind howled unkindlyand... Continue Reading →

Prehistoric Passenger – Haiku

Crisp conifer cone dreams in prehistoric pine. Asleep for lifetimes.

A Poem

At least it was strawberry Trauma traded for a sweetened treat Grape would have been unfortunate

To Fetch a Tree – A Poem

Shifting back and forth in the carlistening to the dogs' cry apart from the rhythm of the radioplaying low while you snake the lines alone.Judging needles by strength and smellbetting high on hope for the holiday,our saving graceto a crazy year.i can't breatheor breathing in smoke... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations – A Poem

I pull a warm amber beer,though dark for the occasion.Sip between virtual cheers,expecting a better year.

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