the Periodic Writer

I stole all of the words, but the thoughts are original.


first draft

Bright Lights for the Late Nights.

I hung some Christmas lights in my room today.  My mood seems to brighten upon their illumination.  I let my eyes tire, lose focus, and the colors begin to blur.  The bulbs slowly grow, I now hardly know how much... Continue Reading →

Tankful Thoughts to Tuesday’s Turning

Purple lips and the purposeful refill, while you sip, you scheme, going in for the kill. Is this really the thrill, everyone quite knows the drill. When you wake, just another hard pill To swallow, down with that worldy swill, Down deep you think... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Looming Musing

Complacent with its rhythm, though not accustomed to the feeling That one could inspire and maintain such a hopeful beating Warned by shadows past, 'tis but a dream that cannot last For while the faces change, those deep wounds naturally remain So hold... Continue Reading →

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