the Periodic Writer

I stole all of the words, but the thoughts are original.



I can be in love, and on guard, there are no rules.

Two Ships.

She wanted him to love her more. He wanted her to love him less. In a flash yet furious test, neither made love worth fighting for.

Resist to React.

Resist to remain, Pressure builds, then caves. Soon lungs hungrily collect to fill the space that was left.   Resist to share, These words are mine, not theirs. Soon fingers feverishly type to conquer that vast sea of white.   Resist to remove,... Continue Reading →

It Came to Me…In a Dream…

To help explain my love of poetry, I'll open with the first poem I've ever written.  I couldn't tell you when exactly I wrote it (at least 10-12 years ago) and I've clipped most of it because, well, it's pretty rough, but... Continue Reading →

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