the Periodic Writer

I stole all of the words, but the thoughts are original.



Date Cake

You looked harmless from the side,before you pierced me with those eyes,before you pierced me with the knifethat I slid to you to cutthe cake I made just becauseyou mentioned sweets in your bio.Another lie, how would I know?I didn’t... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Unrest

I hope the numbness lifted quickly, I hate to think you sufferedfor me.I believed in good of everyone,and often denied the evil of some.It’s not your fault my dormant naturesidelined your efforts to nurture. I didn’t see the monster you... Continue Reading →

Writing for Keeps

It's when I'm quiet you should worry. If your effect still finds pulse in this quill, then there's a chance I'll keep you with me.


Maybe I'll discover my destined life in death, I cannot wait     to learn if I chose the right path. In the end, I'll be happy  I charged the trail alone, rather      than risk the walk with a weight  too great to overcome.... Continue Reading →

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