the Periodic Writer

I stole all of the words, but the thoughts are original.



Christmas Stars – A Poem

Read us the visit of St. Nick,the myth of the man on this night.With bread and a tasteful wine flight,we can dance over politics.  Pull ornaments from the attic,along the tinseled tangled star.Sing old songs to build a new start,while... Continue Reading →

Snow Rhymes were a Matter of Time.

I needed this, it's true. First of flurries falling, try to be blue Each flake, a million chances I sit, watch their unique little dances Try to be blue, you can't, this spectacular show demands this You owe them after... Continue Reading →

Bright Lights for the Late Nights.

I hung some Christmas lights in my room today.  My mood seems to brighten upon their illumination.  I let my eyes tire, lose focus, and the colors begin to blur.  The bulbs slowly grow, I now hardly know how much... Continue Reading →

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