I noticed my dog look up towards the sun.
why was this act so unnatural to me?
There wasn’t a bird nor squirrel in the trees.
Why had he been so intrigued?

I let him play from a box of actions,
the motivations of which not earth shattering.
But a glimpse up to the sky, leaves me questioning-
Why? This says all too much about me.

I envied his joy in observation,
as the self-made scientist in this family.
Where he spotted a learning opportunity,
I had failed my own curiosity.

As I continued to refine this reflection,
my dog had moved on and slept peacefully.
I began to weave a series of theories,
most of which probed my personality.

This set in motion unexpected passion,
Though I didn’t know where my notes would lead.
I tested myself and believed I had emptied,
a theory disproved by this story’s ending.