Tensely shivering in my igloo exhaust,
I wonder how long this defrosting will take.
But then I allow my mind to get lost
and my shoulders happily seize the break.

I regain time by zipping through yellows,
though I don’t typically endorse this act.
I memorized the roads where blue lights follow,
and know just when to ease up on the gas.

Parking, my heart beats predictably uneven
while caffeine works to jump it like an engine.
Minutes before emails and meetings begin,
I revisit the art of meditation.

I have never been one to fully relax,
but I know it is important nonetheless.
And in parking lots before passwords are cracked,
I try again to begin my deep breaths.

It’s funny how something so simple can leave
me feeling as much a beginner as this.
Though I know no matter how much you achieve,
true reflection always reveals a novice.

via Daily Prompt: Neophyte