Camp is complete, but it still needs
to strike a match that kindling feeds.
Warm turns to burn, am I too close?
Perhaps remained some unexposed?

Wind swoops in and swallows smoke.
Content until shivers take hold.
It redirects rushed at my face,
I start to gasp, then suffocate.

I have intended it to blaze,
but if I stay there’s no escape.
To breath I stray far from its light.
Cool off quickly in desert night.

Stars are bright when they don’t compete,
but with that space comes lack of heat.
So I wander through wastelands still,
a steady and swift gait until

a single spark marks sweet aroma,
a glow I trace to a vacant home.
Passed by others on the explore,
except for who come looking for.

Someone drew another fire here.
to light the night and dry their tears,
but grew tired of the tending, so
retired; flames surrendering low.

Luckily, I stumbled on
its weakened coals to breath upon
that red and orange hiding within,
to roaring warmth once suffering.

Now prideful of caring for this,
a site not worth abandonment.
Soon realize I was the snuff.
Fore until you, I was enough.

Try to return, offer excuse
to embers left, cooling and used.
I feel close, then frozen, blinded.
A stranger stole and reignited.

It was reclaimed and overcame
my failure to keep it ablaze.
So I concede in light’s closure
and walk new trails in search of smolder.