How many languages do you speak?

Just one, but I speak that one very very much good!! ūüėõ I took Japanese in high school, and really enjoyed practicing written communication through hiragana, katakana, and kanji characters.¬† Now I could basically introduce myself, and ask how you‚Äôre doing‚Ķthat‚Äôs all you need, right?

What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?

  • All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

I am really enjoying this book, yet school has kept me at a snail’s pace.  I hope to zoom through it over Memorial day weekend as I plan to start A Clockwork Orange next!

  • Just finished 13 Reasons Why, just started The Leftovers, and just continuing Silicon Valley, all while patiently awaiting the return of Game of Thrones‚Ķ
  • Been getting back into Chevelle lately (they were my jam back in the day), but also a lot more upbeat tunes for my new workout routines. Gotta keep that heart rate up!
  • I have really been into avocados lately, so pretty much anything I can make a wrap out of is fair game. I also just got on the Halo Top bandwagon – chocolate chip cookie dough is the reigning champ so far, but I am working my way through the list!halo top, light ice cream

What was the last photo you took with your phone?

9/10 times it will be Basel (this stoic pic was taken this morning).  The other is likely to be a tree or coffee mug.  There’s always the possibility that I will be in said photo, posing with the aforementioned items.


pets, dogs, corgis, love

What is your favorite time of day?

During the week, I really enjoy evening right after work (5-6 pm).  I get home to my pup and unwind with a run and loud music.  I enjoy mornings much more on the weekends.  Coffee just tastes better when you can relax outside with it, mingling with the wildlife as you sip!

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

There were a few familial medical concerns over the past week, so I am grateful for the distractions I had over the weekend.¬† The weather was gorgeous, so I got to show off my driving range skills on Saturday. ¬†Unfortunately, my disc golf skills the next day, were not…on par….(had to) ¬†And since only one person was there to witness it, I have to brag here that I nailed a hole-in-one at the driving range, on the last ball of the bucket!¬† Lights were flashing and everything!¬† Okay, I think a lot of experienced¬†golfers can do this on the reg, but I am NOT¬†experienced, so this was one for the ‘ole¬†diary ūüėČ

driving range, golf, green

disc golf, chains

For the week coming up, I am looking forward to a Cubs rooftop game, despite what the weather forecast is predicting.¬† I am also looking forward to my vacation next week, as it‚Äôs the first ‚Äúofficial‚ÄĚ camping excursion of the season!!