I affected, I know;
from the ripples receding after it’s poured,
to smoke twists and turns of candle’s embered burn.

I affected, I know;
from the lay in the covers after a night,
to the hushed alarm sound, snoozed just this last time.

I affected, I hope;
from the returned waves wishing well over town,
to diminishing space in traffic around,

I affected, I hope;
from the ebb and flow feelings over a day,
to unmarked memories I’m thankful have stayed.

I loved you once, I wrote;
from treating your heart as if it were my own,
to vowing a place you’d never be alone.

I’m affected, now thrown;
I don’t see evidence of any impressions.
No life nor love in those vacant expressions.

In reflecting, I grow;
I see effects in life I now walk alone,
and learned your hollow love was my only ghost.