How long has it been?

Toys and tv fall flat.

Hope nothing has happened,

sure could use a good scratch.


It has been a long time.

Fake smiles fall flat.

Hope tv quells that whine,

sure could use a good laugh.


Keys hitting the door,

a match in the pitch-

these ones heard times before

other sounds now dismissed.


Lunch wasn’t touched

while guard was on,

remained ever watchful

so you could be gone.


Jingle of the tags,

matching his cadence,

quick the keys in the latch

to remedy his anxious.


Thoughts stray while at work

‘hope that food was touched,’

each evening it hurts

to discover uneaten lunch.


Reunited at last.

Earnest in our greeting.

Both using one another,

for the love we are seeking.


via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis