Following my eyes to the lines of your legs,

I’ll never forget how you quickened my breath

or happened upon my home in your roam.

You cast a small shadow but no matter,

I’m certain to announce your arrival


I find you!

How do you find me,

so unaware?

Yet little habits form to remind,

you’re not far from mine

in reluctant rituals-

a recoil here, a tiny tuck there.

Nothing but whites showing

from these sheets, as I imagine your creep.

I’m tough as I drift into sleep,

only to dream of that creep!

I awake in a sweat, throw the lights on to check.

Did you come back to chat, or was it just that…

a shadow, can I accept that,


Can I simply let it go?

Obviously no

if it ends in a poem.

For as my breathing slowed,

your world became my own

with those eight lines, memorized.

Nothing now but to write

of that imagined bite…