Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle?

Yes, I don’t recommend it.  I don’t even remember how it happened, considering I am pretty “on the money” when it comes to planning for things like departures!olives

Which are better: black or green olives?

No olives.  No olives is better.

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

Well, if I were a great explorer, my job would already be done, so nowhere!  To be honest, I love the idea of discovering secret caves, and while I don’t have anywhere specific in mind, that in itself sounds really thrilling.

Quotes List: At least three of your favorite quotes?  

These are just the first few that came to mind, I am sure plenty of other people have said insightful things in their lives…9f0b3af18d8c2c826e4d61dbf2b09200

“Comparison is the thief of Joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – Socrates

“Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.” – F. Scott Fitzgeraldd2c36b79d8d44f14cb147143e92fc719

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

A few things, I am very grateful that my mid-term is over!  It was adding a lot of stress to my schedule, so I am relieved to have it out of the way, and what’s even more, feeling pretty good about seeing it graded 🙂  But I think the highlight might have been watching the Cubs play some spring training games.  They are looking healthy, and I am really excited for the season to start back up, I’m tired of these garbage tv shows!!

For the week coming up, I am looking forward to planning the details of my vacation to Denver!  This is my first time to Colorado AND my first solo trip (for pleasure, not business), so I am really excited to engage my inner explorer, discover new places, and meet new people.  So much so that it almost doesn’t sound like me at all 🙂