Regarding your fridge, is it organized or a mess inside?

Mostly organized.  I learned the hard way to keep all fruit and vegetable pu165322106rchases in plain sight though because I DO NOT open drawers frequently enough.  I’ve wasted a fair amount of produce in my past.  I’m not proud.

Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?

This seems food-dependent.  In general, I would say that I don’t mind food mixing, and may even lean towards mixing more than not.  Just yesterday, I prepared my typical tilapia dinner and really thought the side of baked beans paired well with it.  Okay, I’m a total mixer.

Do you prefer reading coffee table books (picture), biographies, fiction, non-fiction, educational?

I like fiction, but it can be so hit and miss for me, that often I do not feel particularly moved after finishing most novels.  On the other hand, I love reading philosophy.  Although, I think it’s difficult to precisely define it as non-fiction (maybe it is its own species?).  In any event, I love descriptive and emotive language, whether I discover it in a work of fiction, poem, etc.

Close your eyes. Listen to your body. What part of your body is seeking attention? What is it telling you?coffeebrain

Well, I closed my eyes and immediately reached for my coffee mug, so I guess my brain is seeking more fuel to provide the focus to finish this…sentence.  *Good job, brain*

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last Monday I had a minor (minor!) surgery, which went well, so I am particularly thankful that it’s over.  And I am even more thankful that the results of said procedure turned out to be positive!  As for this week coming up, I am looking forward to going recliner shopping over Valentine’s day weekend.  Nothing like seeking comfortable seating for one to celebrate the “holiday!”  😀