I have been the ice, surrendering to sculptors.

Enduring chips away, remindful marks left forever.


Shapeless sheen, no curve or edging off-limits,

Eager child, trusting every word off those lips.


Unable to recognize the reflection I now have,

instead shift focus to the accepting smile shining back.


I am your beautifully crafted creation,

unaware of the heat bubbling, rising within.


For a moment, this is planned perfection.

But the shape soon shifts to chilly prison.


Blazing breath bated, hoping to hold this form,

A drop soon drips, then another, to the floor.


Time chiseled alongside you, changed the pattern you desired,

And from the warmth and weathering, I surrendered to my fire.


Carved impressions will linger, as I struggle to stand tall.

Fading not forgotten, I could not help but reflect you all.


via Daily Prompt: Craft