Words wrapped safely away,

plucked and powerless in their new space


Bobbing beyond the crashing waves

Just in time to this unknown place


Their weight grows heavy against the glass,

It tries to hold, support their mass


Not a chance of victory for this vessel

Did it know it could fail, before it fell?


Eventually it gives, unable to continue

Light creeps through first, then slowly, blue.


It rises above that which remains unsaid,

Drowning out the voice, now never to be read


The pages are joined, the ink has thinned,

and the words have blurred, the message sunken.


Time all but stops for the humbled traveler,

It didn’t know it was planned by the words’ creator.


From one prison to another, they will sink either way,

But if you never write them out, they will never float away.


via Daily Prompt: Privacy