Alone among the dial tone.

Breathless, taken by the moment passed

So much, then again nothing so fast.

Time for the dissection, oh where, oh where do we begin?

Hello, goodbye–how again did I leave it?

Burned in my brain, but only how I perceive it…

I can’t ask for opinions, no one knows the stakes, in fact,

Even the tone felt no tug of pain across its waves,

If only it could sense resistance, maybe feel restraint?

Alas, it can’t, intimately neutral it remains.

Always at the ready for replay, though,

Let it ring, I hope, that part is home.

I struggle to think, while I remember the tone

I’d nearly forgotten, what it’d known all along.

It’s always been a ghost on the other end,

Not a lover, nor foe, but simply a lost friend.