I needed this, it’s true.

First of flurries falling, try to be blue

Each flake, a million chances

I sit, watch their unique little dances

Try to be blue, you can’t, this

spectacular show demands this

You owe them after all, each flake, they fall for you

They wait for you to coo, they wait, you usually do

Busy lives forget the snow, busy lives miss this show

Don’t busy yourself with getting there,

Remember you have time to spare

For the flakes that fall for you

The potential for redo, gifted a new palette

Nothing but new ground you haven’t yet met

Time for you to join the specks

The freshly laid trail just waiting for treks

But to make a new path, you must move

Beyond summer scars, beyond the falls bruise

For the indents of footsteps past prove

That old love will never pull through

Are you scared, will you sit and

let this chance pass you by?

Or do you dare dance and

Thank God you gave it a try?