I look up, I do this often – to imagine what the view must be like to those creatures looking down.  Are they happy where they are?  Would they too prefer the scene from afar?

Perspective is a powerful tool, when you challenge yourself to rearrange yours.  And while I’d like to believe my angles are just right, I’m sure I’d be convinced otherwise by those shadows in flight.

I cannot measure my successes with the stick of any other.  For if I come up short with yours, I’ll be worlds ahead with another’s.  Therefore, the pace I set is fine, for I’m afraid the race is already mine.  Your race can be yours too, just focus on what’s in front of you.

We all start with wanting this and realizing that, but one mustn’t wish to trade for the view of those in the clouds.  Because as you are looking up, they’re wishing to be closer to your ground.  Perspective is a powerful tool, when you challenge yourself to rearrange yours.

via Daily Prompt: Rearrange