My work allows me to keep to myself most days.  I can work undisturbed for hours in the lab, nodding along to my music all the while.  But on those rare days where a company meeting requires my attendance, I am not without at least these two things:  my coffee mug and my scarf.  And if I am traveling anywhere in my personal life?  Add a journal to the mix.  I can honestly say, more often than not, the pages of that journal don’t see the light of day, but only under protest would it be left behind.  And that coffee grows cold long before I raise for a second sip, but my hand would be even colder without it (don’t misunderstand, I likely already had four cups prior).  It took me a long time to start seeing these everyday objects for the energy sources they really are (no pun intended with the coffee).  But with them, I feel more confident, more comfortable, more “myself.”

Don’t get me wrong, social engagements still drain my supply, but knowing I have these in my back pocket give me the strength to take on more in every outing.  I am even starting to realize my full potential…with that full cup o’ joe in hand, of course.

Which leads me to my only point really, what are some of yours?  Are they the same, similar, something strange?  I would love to hear them, may even love to steal them someday. 🙂