Day 2, writer’s block, am I right?!

Basel and I started our day with a brisk walk around the neighborhood.  This in itself is rather unremarkable although this dog is one of the major highlights of any day I’m having.  No, the meat of this story lies in a ritual he likely has no idea is even occurring.  And what’s more powerful, this simple act grounds me and serves as a reminder that I can tackle any situation.

You want to know what it is, don’t you?  Well, I am sure that I’ve built it up far beyond that which it deserves, BUT I close my eyes and let him guide us.  That’s it!  That feeling of moving forward with little to no control of the destination, well, that’s life, isn’t it?  But I decide when and how long I will close my eyes, so perhaps I have more control then it seems. I am deciding to let go of the reins, which isn’t easy by any means.  But in the end, this game is a simple and safe reminder that I can survive even the most unpredictable times with even the most unpredictable people (or dogs).

Perhaps if we could build trust with others as easily as we destroy it, maybe I wouldn’t be unknowingly patenting personality games that help overcome general cynicism.  Whoa, I had no idea that’s where this was going.  I love being surprised by where my typing takes me.  It’s like reading a new book, but with no need for a dictionary on-hand because well, you should know all the words already…

Granted I am careful enough to check for squirrels and postal workers prior to this tempting of fate.20160710_164237.jpg