I am going to write for at least ten minutes a day, and see where it leads me, or us rather.  I’ve been given the “you should start a blog” advice many times before, but my ears have finally cleared it for processing tonight.  Honestly, I’ve never thought about sharing my writing with the masses before, save for the occasional Pulitzer Prize daydream.  I know my writing isn’t great, hell it isn’t even good.  I grew up preparing for a different future and currently practice a different living.  But I am going to put a pin in that for the time being and naively choose to believe this is one of those skills you can teach yourself.  If I just mash the keyboard long enough with my clumsy fingers, I will stumble upon some deeply hidden talent, and a masterpiece will follow shortly thereafter.  That’s realistic, right?  Well, guess what?  I don’t write to be realistic, I write because it’s my show here.  Literally, what I say goes and you can’t argue because you’re merely a reader.  How does it feel to be on the outside looking in?!  Oh boy, this free blog power is going straight to my head, time to take a breather and remember my roots.  I’ll end with this –  my mission here is to establish and nurture a safe place for thoughts, which should be easily done on a public blog.  Why, yes I am new to the internet, how did you know?  But I feel like I can trust you (mostly) because if you want to critique my work, you have to do it to my virtual face.